Resident Involvement

Opportunities to ‘Get Involved’

There is a range of activities for you to get involved in and have an impact on the services that you receive from Unity. Each activity has a different level of involvement. This means that some activities will have more of a direct impact, but they will probably take more of your personal time than others.

Tenants’ Group

Our Tenants’ Group is a fun friendly group of Unity residents that meets up bi-monthly to discuss issues affecting the business, our homes and our tenants. Joining the Tenants’ Group is a great opportunity for you to put across your views, share your ideas and help us shape the services that Unity tenants receive.

See Scrutiny and Co-Regulation for more information.

Unite with Unity

If you want to challenge and influence how Unity’s housing services are influenced then join our Unite with Unity Panel.

Unite with Unity is a cornerstone of ensuring that Unity is properly run. Our Unite with Unity Panel meets every three months to closely examine how Unity is performing. Because it is a more committed role that requires particular skills, you have to apply to join the Unite with Unity Panel.

See Scrutiny and Co-Regulation for more information.

Surveys & Focus Groups

For residents who take an interest in what’s going on at Unity but are unable to attend regular meetings, we hold focus groups or consultations to find out what you think.

If you would like to offer your opinion on such matters we will invite you to our focus groups and when occur. If you would prefer not to attend a focus group, we can send you surveys to find out what you think.

Joint Estate Walkabouts

If we are thinking about making changes to your community or nieghbourhood we will actively seek local residents’ opinions.

However, if you would like to be involved in decision-making processes that affect neighbourhoods and communities other than your own, you can join our officers on estate walkabouts.

You will help us decide what action to take, where improvements are required, and will help us to assess the work of our contractors.

Mystery Shopping

We constantly monitor the quality of our contractors work including the cleaning and gardening services provided to tenants. We want to make sure that you are receiving value for money when it come to your service charge.

You can help us keep an eye on our contractor’s performance by becoming a ‘mystery shopper’. This involves giving the contractors work a performance rating each time that they visit and highlighting possible areas for improvements.

*For more information about ‘Opportunities to Get Involved’, please download one of our guides by clicking the links at the side of this page, or contact Chris on 0113 200 7751 or email