Aids & Adaptations

What are by 'Aids & Adaptations?'

How can Unity help?

Aids and adaptations are modifications which are made to your property to help you remain living there, should you or someone in your household begin to suffer from a disability.

We have a budget of £10,000 for funding minor adaptations costing less than £1,000. In addition, we have good relationships with the local authority and staff are able to signpost tenants to apply direct for Disabled Facilities Grants.

The grant work is carried out by the local authority’s dedicated teams of contractors and this helps to reduce the waiting time and reduces the number of agencies involved in the work.

For more information on ‘Aids & Adaptations’ please download our leaflet by clicking the link at the side of the page. Should you require any assistance please contact us.

Minor and major works

I need to adapt my home. What should I do?

If you need small adaptations to your home, Unity will pay for them as long as there is enough money in our aids and adaptations budget. If we are able to help you modify your home, we will aim to visit you quickly and to carry out the work within 28 days. Minor works, typically costing less than £1000, include the following kind of things:

  • Grab rails
  • Lever taps
  • Easier to use bathroom locks
  • Lever knobs on gas fires
  • Intercom or door entry system

Major works are larger adaptations that will cost over £1,000. For these, you need to apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant from the council. Call Leeds Social Care on 0113 200 4401 in order to apply. Major works include the following kinds of things:

  • Stair lifts
  • Extensions
  • Wet floor showers
  • Ramp access