Leeds Anti Social Behaviour Team

How to report noise nuisance.

Noise is part of everyday life, but it can sometimes become a nuisance when the level and frequency of noise makes an unreasonable invasion into your home.

The types of noise that the council investigate:

  • Amplified noise/raised voices
  • Dog barking/noisy animals
  • Household noise/DIY
  • Fire/property alarms

More detailed information on these areas are in the brochure provided.

You can download the brochure, which is linked to the right of this page. The brochure covers:

  • How to avoid complaints
  • How to report noise nuisance
  • How the council deals with complaints of noise nuisance

If you want to report regular noise nuisance from a council tenant, please contact:

Housing Leeds on 0800 188 4000



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