Latest Newsletter is now available to download.

Download the Spring 2019 edition of Unity News by clicking the link at the side of this page.

This edition features:

  • Fifty three weeks this year – All you need to know about the new financial year and being charged rent for 53 Mondays.
  • Maintenance March – Top maintenance tips to help you with your Spring clean.
  • Say no to unwanted guests – A quick guide on how to deal with pests and infestation.
  • What goes down your drain? – How to keep your drains flowing and pipes clean.
  • Keep trains clear and odour free – Top tips on cleaning hard stained services with free, homemade remedies.
  • Universal Credit – A guide to Universal credit and how Unity can help you in applying for it.
  • What to do if you smell gas? – Find out what to do if you smell gas or have a gas leak.
  • Pension Credit or Universal Credit? – Updates on all things Pension related, Universal Credit and Council Tax Support, and further help with your housing costs.

If you would like to leave any comments or feedback about the newsletter, or what you would like to see in future newsletters, please contact Charlotte on 0113 200 7751 or email

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