The latest edition of Unity News is now available!

Download the Winter edition of Unity News by clicking the link at the side of this page.

This edition features: **Are you expecting Repairs? **- Information on how to manage any repairs you may be expected.

**Have you moved home recently?* – Find information on how to manage your mailing after moving home.

Universal Credit is here – Universal Credit is here and find out how it has affected unity. Gas Safety Information Important information on how to stay safe within your home from Carbon Monoxide.

  • * Unity’s affordable Homes Programme* * – Read about the new homes that are set to be completed in 2019.
  • * Unity’s Performance* * – Have a look to see how Unity has being performing as an organisation the past year.
  • * New Year, New You* * – See how you can set to improve your own self in the New Year.
  • Tenants Christmas Party * – Take a look at what some our Tennant’s got up to at the Tennant Christmas Party.
  • Anniversary of the First World War * – Look at how Unity Commemorated the Anniversary of the First World War

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