Universal Jobmatch is closing

The Universal Jobmatch system will be closing on 17 June 2018. It will be replaced by a new service called ‘Find a job’ which will let you search and apply for thousands of jobs in the United Kingdom.

What you need to do
Your Universal Jobmatch information will not be transferred to the new Find a job service. This means you will need to save copies of any information that you want to keep if you do not have them saved anywhere else. This could include your CVs and cover letters that you still want to use, or your jobsearch activity and job application history that you want to keep or show to your work coach.

You need to do this before 17 June 2018 as you will not be able to get into Universal Jobmatch once it has closed.

Help and support
If you have any questions about this then either speak to your work coach or go to https://jobsearch.direct.gov.uk/ContactUs.aspx and a member of the Universal Jobmatch team will reply to you.

What is Find a job?
Find a job is a new website which will let you search and apply for thousands of jobs. It will be ready to use from 14 May 2018.

The Find a job service will:

  • have a simple login process
  • have a streamlined search function
  • let you record your job search and job application activity
  • send email alerts of the most recent jobs to your inbox (if requested)
  • let you save jobs by marking them as ‘favourite’ so you can apply for them later

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